About Me

In the early 1970’s I learned how to ski at Fox Hill Ski area in West Bend, Wisconsin which is operated by members volunteering their time. In 1999 I contributed back to this organization by changing how their members learn current snow conditions and news. I’ve hosted a website and introduced email starting in 1999 for the ski club. Both of these services were hosted on a server in my basement on Microsoft IIS and Exchange. My older brother Steve continues updating the site as well as serving on their Ski Patrol. In the early 2000’s my family joined Ausblick Ski area in Sussex, Wisconsin. In my free time I transformed their back office by implementing Siriusware guest services system and Exchange email on Microsoft Small Business Server.

Today I work at VMware as a technical solution engineer helping our largest business partner design, build, sell, and support solutions. My passion for technology started in 1979 when my father bought a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I PC for our family. He learned from PBS that computers would transform the world. My career journey is detailed on my LinkedIn profile.

Prior to moving from my home town to Seattle, Washington I gave back to the local community through the United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County. I served on the Board of Directors – Information Technology subcommittee for 7 years. The subcommittee helped the overall organization achieve their mission of changing lives and improving the local community. The organization manages resources, planning and communicates through their information technology.

I contributed and edited the Microsoft Rapid Economic Justification book. This book is a step-by-step guide explaining how to develop IT infrastructure investment business cases. I’m proud of my team who created this book and the work I completed at 63 customers to understand how to align business investments to technology.

Feel free to ask questions or comment on my posts through @psundquist on Twitter.

Ascending Mount St. Helens in Washington State with Mount Adams in the background
Dream wedding with my bride Michelle Sundquist @ top of Whistler Mountain, BC, Canada. Mike Crane our wedding photographer took excellent photos on our wedding day.